Software Solutions

Content Management Solutions

A portfolio of software and services for managing and distributing a variety of content - when, where, and how it’s needed - and for delivering it to those who need it most. They provide business-wide capabilities for managing and integrating scanned images, e-mail, facsimiles, electronic office documents, computer-generated output, rich media and video files with existing business applications such as sales, accounting, inventory, and customer support. In addition, business processes can be automated and improved to help expedite decision-making, activity assignments and accountability.


The core solution for any business serving all department in the organization, we offer different solutions that fit any requirements.

The main modules of ERP are:

  • Accounting Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Fleet Management
  • 10+ Additional Modules


Handling all the company work that interact and/or interface with customer including:

  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Ticketing Management
  • Project Resources
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports and Dashboards


Being able to monitor your competition or to keep track of your reputation is a key for success, we offer this and much more with this solution. The basic idea for this solution is to be able to monitor certain keywords on different social and cloud platforms in certain pages, channels and groups.


Business Intelligence Solutions helps you analyze customer data and interactions and provides you with the data extraction, management, and analysis and reporting tools you need to achieve a strategic advantage. Business Intelligence solutions can help you:
Analyze business data to gain an unprecedented level of knowledge about market and customer behavior.
Build complete customer profiles with valuable demographic information about who customers are, what they're buying, where, when and why.
Decide what can be cross-sold and to which customers.
Make more focused and timely marketing decisions that can translate into: more satisfying experiences for customers, improved loyalty and better return on investment.


Moving business calls to corporate network gains the organization lots of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • User Extensions
  • Different communication types
  • Recording
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Reponse)
  • Queuing
  • Announcements
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • And More
Our solution fulfils and exceeds that by even integrating with ERP.


We provide you all kind of portals that you might need to fulfil your business requirements, allowing you to manage the data and interact with the content of the portal.


Revenue Assurance is a key risk management activity within telecoms companies. Revenue Assurance teams are responsible for analyzing huge volumes of usage records and reference data from multiple sources. They undertake these activities to ensure that billing is accurate and in accordance with customer agreements and contracts.
SICT provides Revenue Assurance approach identifies the sources of revenue leakage across the whole revenue chain and then provides the expertise to implement ongoing revenue assurance enhancements.


Fraud is a huge problem for telecoms operators – whether they are mobile, fixed-line or IP based. It impacts profits; generates negative publicity and erodes customer and shareholder confidence. Although most operators understand that they need to do something to tackle the issue, few have implemented successful strategies and the advent of next generation services will create new opportunities for fraudsters. SICT is a leader in telecoms fraud management. Our approach is straightforward – first identify the fraud risk to the business and then determine financial and commercial repercussions. SICT focuses on ’quick-win’ solutions as an integral part of its fraud management implementation strategy and ensures that the client's personnel are involved at each stage of a project, so that they have the skills to deal with any challenges in the future.